Since its inception, Czech glass has been valued no less than Bohemian crystal. Various jewelry, dishes (glasses, jugs, cakes, decanters), interior items (chandeliers and vases) made of Bohemian glass at all times were considered luxury items that only rich and influential people could afford. Surely everyone in the house has at least one thing made of Czech crystal, but it is extremely valuable. It should be noted that bohemian glass in eshop aleks-crystal.
Czech crystal is probably the most popular product transported from the Czech Republic. Glassblowers a few centuries ago invented a special technology for making such a material, since then the recipes have changed only slightly, but in general the manufacturing process takes place according to ancient traditions.
Even today, only handicraft is used to create various objects from Bohemian glass, and it does not matter what kind of products we are talking about, be it chic chandeliers, sophisticated glasses or aristocratic porcelain, each item is processed by hand. Today, craftsmen mainly use diamond-coated tools to create glass products.
Sets of dishes and other products made of Bohemian glass you will not confuse with anything. Bohemian crystal is characterized by extraordinary clarity, transparency and always excellent quality. Quite often, such dishes and interior items are decorated with precious or semi-precious stones, painted with silver, gold or gilded.
These are the advantages that each product, which bears the proud name «Czech Crystal», should be characterized. Czech craftsmen still use the old methods of making Bohemian crystal. And today, products made from this material are considered luxury goods. You must admit that apart from Bohemian glass, there is no other tableware in the world that would sparkle and play in the sun, and the radiance and deep play of color were simply mesmerizing. Such dishes are extremely pleasant to look at, and eating food from them is an incomparable pleasure. That is why Czech crystal has always been an invariable attribute of any feast for royal families.