Youtube is one of the most popular platforms where everyone can post their content in the form of videos. This is a great way not only to express yourself creatively, but also to promote various goods and services, earn money from advertising or simply promote your other resources on social networks. The only problem is that modern YouTube is very difficult in terms of promotion. Due to the peculiarities of the new algorithms and the great competition, it is not so easy to win the audience’s sympathy. But do not worry, because specifically to solve this problem, there is the possibility of buying views for money. Here you will find out why this may be required. Note that you can always buy 500 youtube views $1 on this resource.

Working with algorithms

Immediately you need to understand that the algorithms of any social network or hosting are built in such a way as to give out the most interesting to viewers. That is, the algorithms adapt to the desires of their users, while not always providing new bloggers with views. You can solve this by cheating views. Since the algorithms will see a powerful surge in views on your resource, they will consider it a rapid increase in the interest of a new audience, which will be an excellent basis for giving the channel recommendations to real viewers.

To do this, you need to maintain approximately the same number of views on each new video so that the algorithms accurately pay attention to your channel. It sounds easy, but in fact it is not always possible to find a service with cheap views.

Increasing the cost of advertising

It’s no secret that you can earn money on the channel. This is done through the internal monetization of YouTube, as well as through the sale of mentions inside the video. The second method strongly depends on the statistics that the advertiser always looks at before purchasing an ad. And the best way to increase the cost of placement on your channel is to improve its statistics by cheating. You need to understand that you can wind up no more than 10 percent of the real statistics, but even this will significantly increase the cost of advertising on your resource.